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Residential Glass Services


Excellence in Auto Glass is not the end of the story when it comes to Acme Glass and Mirror’s lines of expertise.


Whether you are just adding a small mirror in your bathroom, replacing an insulated unit you broke last weekend while mowing the yard or you are building your multi-million dollar dream home, Acme Glass and Mirror can handle all your glass needs.


Custom Mirrors

Any room can be visually enhanced with mirrors. Double the amount of space of a room by adding a wall of mirrors. No other decorating element can change the visual character of a room like mirrors. A wall of mirrors, shower enclosures, vanity mirrors, beveled mirrors and beveled strips are just a few ideas to enhance the look of a room.


Shower Enclosures

From the single-framed shower door to the multi-panel frameless tub and shower enclosures, we specialize in the custom, unique and unusual shower enclosures. Hardware colors range from gold, chrome, and white, to bronze, nickel, and pewter. Several colors and patterned glass are available to choose from. Let your imagination be your guide.


Custom Sunroom/Patio Doors

Thought of enclosing your patio or carport, or want to add a sunroom onto your home or business? Call us for a free estimate.


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